My Top 5

My top five sites on the web:  Run by the redoubtable Kevin Knight, New Advent mines the headlines for all the good stuff that pertains to the Catholic Church.  Think of it as a sort of Catholic Drudge Report, only without the trashy garbage about Lindsay Lohan or politicians in love trysts.  If you want to know what’s going on in the Church, from the serious to the whimsical, Kevin’s your guy.  Plus he has the Summa Theologiae and the Catholic Encyclopedia, as well as a whole raft of Church documents on everything from soup to nuts. a web portal for Catholics featuring fifty bazillion gobs of information, daily features (including a Wednesday feature and Words of Encouragement penned by Yr Obdt Svt) as well as lots of other stuff from a huge stable of some of best Catholic writers in print, the bishops of the American Church, and columnists from the mainstream media.  In addition, CE offers all the goodies you expect from a web portal like email, stock quote, sports, news, etc.

Another site I find to be fun is Youtube, simply because of the amazing variety of stuff, buth silly and beautiful, you can find there.  Where else can you go to have your heart broken by the lovely sight of families reunited, and then amuse yourself with the odd spectacle of Jonathan Coulton’s “Future Soon” dramatized by World of Warcraft characters, marvel at the spectacle of fainting goats—and then delight in some cool video from Catholics Come Home.

I also find Drudge useful (if you can cut through the sensationalism and quasi-National Enquirer vibe) because he has aggregated a lot of news sources and political opinion types in one place.  The guy has done a lot, both for better and for worse, to destroy the monopolistic stranglehold on discourse that used to be sole property of the major news outlets (essentially the playthings of a few rich men and women).  For that, we all owe him a debt of gratitude.  Of course, we also need to ask “Who is keeping an eye on New Media?”  Otherwise, the Prophet Townshend will win another round sooner or later.

Finally, I like (and am happy to write for) both Inside Catholic and the National Catholic Register (okay, technically that’s six).  But they have a wide variety of writers talking about everything under the sun and that suits me fine.  Between them, you get pretty good coverage of what happening in the Catholic world on a daily basis.

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